Nano Magic Tape

We are so confident that you will love our product that we will refund your purchase if you don’t. Pure and Simple!




Now stick anything in less than a minute using Strong Grip Double Sided Tape.

This is probably the BEST tape you’ve ever used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability!

Best part?

You can reuse it multiple times even after washing the tape.




1. EASY TO REMOVE AND SAFE FOR WALLS OR SURFACES – Just pick up a corner of the tape and gently pull it away to remove the adhesive from the wall without damaging your surfaces.



There won’t be any holes, scratches, and adhesion left on the surfaces.

2. WASHABLE AND REUSABLE – The surface of the tape is made of a washable and reusable nano-elastic gel material that can be reused by simply washing it in water.



Once dry, it is thick again, saving you money and being more environmentally friendly.

3. 10X STRONGER ADHESION – Now there is no need to make a hole in the wall for hanging small items like photo frames, clocks, etc.



Our tape can hold items up to 3 kg (6.6 LBS) on smooth surfaces.

4. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Perfect for household use like car mounts, posters, picture frames, wall stickers, hooks, small tools, sticky pads, phone case, decorative patches, wall decor, solar lights and so on.



5. SAFE FOR ALL PAINT COLORS – Our Nano Magic Tape is safe to use on all surfaces.