Fancycen™ Wireless Charger

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Grip your phone tightly and simultaneously be a fast wireless charger.

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    Product Description
      1. Car wireless charging stand
        Auto-sensing opening and closing. Upgrade 15W super fast charge.
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      1. Easy to use and Instant charging
        Put it down and charge it efficiently, easy and convenient
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      1. Smart sensor
        Front and rear infrared induction. The bracket automatically clamps the phone
      Fancycen™ Wireless Charger
      1. Smart fast charging
        80% Electricity Conversion Rate
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      1. 360° rotation
        Adjustable swivel ball which can fully 360-degree rotation allows for safe driving, which is the safest way to access your phone systems such as your GPS and phone calls.
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      1. Case Friendly
        Hate to take off the case every time you charge? When you want to charge your phone as you drive, there’s no need to remove your phone from its case.

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      1. Easy to install
        Press the button, the clip is very stable which prevents the mobile phone from sliding and does not hurt the car Suitable for air-conditioning outlets of various shapes
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      1. Friendly design
        Bring you a better experience
      1. Compatible with Apple and Android Support
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