Fancycen™ 3D Phone Screen

⭐ watching your favourite movies on a bigger screen without causing strain to your eyes ⭐
We are so confident that you will love our product that we will refund your purchase if you don’t. Pure and Simple!


With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people use them to watch online movies, Youtube, or their favorite TV shows. However, it could get uncomfortable in the long run and would often cause us eye fatigue. The Phone Screen Amplifier Magnifier solves the problem of the mobile phone screen! 

With the help of the Phone Screen Amplifier, you can instantly revolutionize your viewing experience!

3D Phone Screen Amplifier

EYE PROTECTIt can magnify the mobile phone's screen 4-6 times which helps prevent any discomfort and visual fatigue. The simple and stylish design makes this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones.

BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE- It is lightweight and convenient, the 3D Screen Magnifier provides affordable and clear magnification that you can take with you wherever you go.

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SUITABLE FOR ANY MOBILE PHONE - Cellphone screen magnifier cell phone enlarger 3D HD movie video amplifier foldable holder stand compatible with iPhone and all Smart Phones. Also, it's suitable for all various occasions - indoor, camping, journey, leisure, etc.

CONVENIENCE - Reduce the eyes fatigue when you watch videos on the phone. Folding design, small volume, convenient carrying on business travel.

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Adjust the magnifier screen to your liking by moving it up or down and then enjoy the enhanced view that you can use for reading text messages and website articles, watching videos and movies, or anything else that is being displayed on your device without causing strain to your eyes.



  • With high-definition optical technology
  • With no resolution drop
  • Perfect for watching movies and reading
  • Anti UV, radiation protection
  • Reduces the strain on your eyes
  • Lightweight folding design
  • Easy to use, portable, and stylish
  • No need for power supply, energy saving
  • Also ideal for all outdoor activities


3D Phone Screen Amplifier


  • Simply move the screen up from the folded position, pull on the smartphone holder located on the base behind the screen to flip it up, and place your cell phone in the horizontal/sideways view position.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Picture stays clear

I was skeptical this little thing would work but I was thrilled it did. My daughter begged for one for Christmas and this was her favorite gift. I don’t let them have televisions in their room so she’s using this as a cheat. The picture still stays very clear even when magnified!

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~Jon Swift~

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Novelty Gift for Friends/Family with Kids

I definitely don't imagine a grown adult using this to magnify their screen. However, this product was great for my friend's daughter who loves to play with all kinda phone-related things, A perfect mix for watching any video you have on your phone, It also has a handy place to put your phone and I lay it down on my windowsill which makes it hand-free without having to buy extra accessories. Brilliant design and very nice quality.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Gift for Husband

Bought this as a just because type gift for my husband. Can be used to magnify anything placed behind the magnification screen,Effective at magnifying phone screen,It's very lightweight and folds up thin. Very easy to use. Using it in lower light does give the best picture.
He was excited and started using it right away! He said he likes it a lot. Very good quality/price ratio, I can only recommend this screen magnifier.

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~Nicole V.~

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Must buy as gifts for kids that loves watching movies and videos all day.

This is a really cool, great product and a great price. I really think my toddler would love this when he watches Netflix on my phone. Great for doctors appointments and eating at a restaurant.