Water Me - Automatic Water Irrigation Control System

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Keep Your Plants Watered

While You're On Holiday!

Want to go on vacation but too worried your plants might die from dehydration

Or are you the type that unintentionally over-water your plants since you are afraid that your plants would die when you are away from home?

Take all those worries away as this WaterMe will take care of your plant babies. The self-watering system is your personal gardener to help deliver a sufficient amount of water to plants when you are busy with your work.

Place the plastic part inside the soil and place a full bottle of water onto the plastic part. Use the regulating valve to control the amount of water that goes to the soil.

You can use the control system even when you are on vacation, just put the right bottle and regulate the flow, and you can leave your plants without worrying. It can release the right amount of water for up to fifteen days, and it is super easy to use.

The operation is quick and easy. You can also control the water flow for each plant species. This is also suitable for any indoor or outdoor plant such as potted plants, hanging plants or small trees, etc.

Self-watering System

The water drops to the soil automatically within a certain time interval. Keep your plants hydrated you are on a long vacation. Fill up the bottle with 500ml-2L with 2-8 drips/mins, it can last for 1-15 days.



Adjustable Valves

The dripping speed can be easily controlled. Adjust the valves to meet your needs by tightening or losing it without complicated setup steps.

Easy To Use

No additional tool is required. You just need an empty plastic bottle of any kind without the cap and the bottom. Then, screw in the tube to the bottle to finish the setup.

Widely Compatible

It is suitable for any kind of bottle as long as the inner diameter is 1.1 inches such as Dr. Pepper bottle, Pepsi bottle, Coca-Cola bottle, etc.

Eco-friendly Irrigation

Reduce waste by turning used bottles into part of an irrigation tool. This helps save the earth and become an eco-friendly gardener. (Recycle sign, save the earth)

Easy installation

The installation is easy. Need no other tools - these watering tips can recycle your plastic bottles, which is environmentally friendly. Plant irrigation tips are compatible with most bottles with a 1.1-inch interior.

  • Place the control valve in the drinker.
  • Take a plastic bottle of 1.1 inches and fill it with water.
  • Install the plant watering device in the filled bottle.
  • Turn the bottle over and put it in the bottom first.


You just do not want your plants anywhere in your house to die because you are not spending enough time in watering them. Since this automatic water irrigation system is doing everything for you, you had better prepare at least one for each plant in your house. WaterMe can be applied to any type of plants, from plants in the garden, medicinal materials, potted plants to vegetables.

Automatic watering device, take good care of your plants and flowers. Practical and convenient
    • Material: PVC Plastic, approved By The EPA.
    • Size: 5.3 inches x 1.2 inches (13.5 cm X 3 cm)
    • Weight: 8.6g
    • Colour: Blue / Green

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ❓ Does it bear the weight of a large bottle?

    ✅ Yes. Made of high quality pretty thick plastic so no need to worry it won’t hold the weight of the water bottle. This watering spike can be inserted into the soil and the drip is fixed so that it does not fall. Or you can put a bracket to make sure without toppling over.

    ❓ How long will the self-watering spikes work?

    ✅ It all depends on the size of your bottle and what you have the drip set at. Slow-release drips last 2 weeks or more depending on the time you need, just need to adjust the speed of the valve.

    See What Others Are Saying
    These self-watering plant spikes are fantastic! We just went away on a 5-day vacation at the end of August and first of September. We left these on the outdoor plants - attaches to bottles filled with water. We used both 2-liter bottles and 16-ounce bottles. There was still a small amount of water left in most of the bottles and the plants looked great! You do have to adjust them to get the right amount of water flow. They stayed in place and kept our plants alive! Very pleased! Melissa M. review of WATERIT™ : Automatic Water Irrigation Control System
    - Melissa M. -

    This is perfect for keeping plants watered in the hot sun or while out on vacation. This works with any regular water bottle. The valves are adjustable to let a lot or little water out your choices. Excellent value, given the included valves normally cost as much as the product itself. 

    Renee S. review of WATERIT™ : Automatic Water Irrigation Control System
    - Renee S. -

    It works great, you can use different water bottle sizes for a larger supply, just puncture a hole on the top and use the dial to control the number of drops.
    Eduardo C. review of WATERIT™ : Automatic Water Irrigation Control System
    - Eduardo C. -

    If you have a lot of plants these do absolutely work perfectly. You stick them in with a bottle of water upside down on the top and they slowly drip water into your plants. This allows you to leave your plants for a few days without worrying about them needing water, or if you are like me and can't remember to water a plant. These do work well, and all of my water bottles have fit so far. It also has an adjustable drip so you can speed up the drip rate for a bigger plant. I would recommend these...
    Anumeha T. review of WATERIT™ : Automatic Water Irrigation Control System
    - Anumeha T. - 

    Enjoy Your Travel and Your Time

    While You Have WaterMe At Home!